Heroic or scummy?

Gijs Verhoeff
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Oh brother...

As if you were watching your regular telenovela - but in Danish - last Friday saw another instalment of "The HUNDEN Drama". Although in this episode, a few other characters took centre stage.

HUNDEN took to Danish cable network, TV 2, with more information and evidence implicating his former teammates in the entire coaching bug affair.

This time, it seems pretty solid. Good for him, bad for Heroic.

His first piece of evidence are some server logs from a game where he used the coaching bug. According to HUNDEN, TeSeS helped him get in to a special position with a better view by boosting him.

The coaching bug was triggered in warmup, and with TeSeS being the only other player in the server – and the position being unreachable without a boost – the evidence seems pretty damn conclusive.

The second piece of evidence are some DMs with niko who was a part of Heroic at the time. In this conversation, niko seemingly admits that all players must've known of the bug. Yeesh.

Of course Heroic, who were asked to comment by TV 2, went on to tell off HUNDEN, saying he should "grow up" and "take responsibility for his actions". But Heroic, here's a tip: Chili stains are pretty hard to clean.

Yeah we like to give ourselves a pat on the back. Sue us.

September 5, 2021

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