Heroic punch the stars out of Astralis

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Heroic win Pinnacle Championship

Source: Pinnacle

Well, Heroic have won a LAN!

That in of itself is already a surprising turn of events, but they also beat their Danish rivals Astralis to do it. As seen in this video made by Pinnacle, they looked pretty happy about it.

It was an impressive performance by the team, who dominated on both Ancient and Overpass en route to a 2-0 finals victory.

TeSeS and cadiaN both put up incredible performances, earning 1.44 ratings each on Ancient and overall both getting above 1.25 for the series.

But the real issue for Astralis was on their side of the server as blameF who struggled to perform despite winning the tournament MVP. He eked out a positive rating in the series and k0nfig actually looked pretty okay. But it wasn’t enough for them to beat the other Danes.

This win could mark a new age for Heroic, who have struggled on LAN ever since tournaments returned to in-person competitions. A win under their belt, over their native rivals, might be just what they need to get back into top form.

As sjuush remarked after the win in an HLTV interview, “every single victory over Astralis means something, doesn’t matter if it’s the first game in a tournament or a grand final, it’s still the same.”

June 12, 2022

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