Hey Liquid, you’re late.

Gijs Verhoeff
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⏱️ Time is running out

  • The NA scene’s roster moves are so unimportant we just put them in Everything Else now. It’s totally not because Liquid announced it just when we finished writing our main stories.
  • As said by hougnogkasjhf - or whatever his name is - there should be a French Last Dance. They don’t have long left to argue and bicker their best team to bits.

👼 Doing God’s work

  • Say all you want about ESL, their Impact league has to be one of their most impactful works so far. Female CS still has a long way to come, but at least it’s off life support.
  • Thanks Wilzuu for finding boosts for us that we don’t have the skill and the boosting teammates for.
  • A bomb keycap? We say give it to G2 so they don’t forget about it.

🦇 Nanana Karrigan!

  • Karrigan is the hero Counter-Strike deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Maybe at the next tournament.
June 19, 2022

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