Hey, that's illegal

Phillip Rasmussen
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  • Did we remember to say that Jamppi is mindnumbingly good?
  • gla1ve might be on leave, but he just turned 25 and you can celebrate that by catching up on his story in this great video by TheScoreEsports.
  • We have an inkling as to why w0xic felt like using swearwords on Twitter.
  • Surely this can't be legal acoR?
  • Speaking of things that are or should be illegal, here's what akshaymoddi did when he was cornered and flashed.
  • Gaules, your friendly Brazilian CS:GO caster, recently broke 262,000 viewers during a MIBR game. That's only slightly lower than the number of pissed off fans when we suggested the Brazil Major should be postponed. Sorry.
June 7, 2020

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