HLTV’s Christmas Gift

Sebastian Lalic
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December is here, and HLTV has given us our Christmas present early. In collaboration with BitSkins, HLTV has removed the 1 demo at a time download limit and increased download speed!

The old limit was in place because hosting so many files is expensive, and letting people have unlimited bandwidth, even more so. Whilst that's fair, downloading a lot of demos was slow, painfully slow.

Your best bet was to queue a bunch through a third-party app, go to sleep, and pray that when you woke up everything downloaded smoothly. Which feels like 2002 and Kazaa all over again.

Instead, now when you go to download a demo, you’ll see a box pop up telling you to wait and it advertises the partnership with BitSkins, who funded this upgrade.

As CSGO nerds, we love this change and we have a feeling NarT and Mahone are popping bottles of champagne as we speak.

Now demos download quickly, so why not take that as an opportunity to watch how our new #1 in the world, Heroic, play?

You heard that right, after their win at Blast, Heroic have moved up one spot, overtaking Outsiders as world's #1 ranked team. They’re joined by FaZe and Liquid, who both moved up 5 and 4 spots, to rank third and fifth respectively.

That leaves the top 5 like this:

  1. 🇩🇰 Heroic (+1)
  2. 🇷🇺 Outsiders (-1)
  3. 🇪🇺 FaZe (+5)
  4. 🇺🇦 NAVI (-1)
  5. 🇺🇸 Liquid (+4)
December 1, 2022

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