HooXi’s nightmare start

Elliott Griffiths
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Astralis might finally have overcome their demons in los kogutos, but they did fall to FaZe in the semis at BLAST.

Not sure which would be better, in truth.

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The long week of games finally came back to bite them, with broky allowed space in a 1vx that you just can’t afford to give him. He picked the Danes off one by one to punish their puny insolence.


That was after a new-look OG toppled them in two. Turns out having one of the best AWPers in the world IS better than having farlig. OG, in fairness, also smacked FaZe around on the Friday. They are not to be trifled with.

All is not well in Denmark because Heroic are struggling too. The move to replace refrezh for jabbi has so far not turned out so well. They got destroyed by a rejuvenated Team Liquid and dropped by a sluggish Ninjas in Pyjamas to fall off at BLAST.

NaVi are back… ish. They pushed past Vitality in two maps and s1mple looked good, but not god level just yet. Obviously that’s expected, but it’s still weird to see s1mple not getting 55 kills in two maps.

Now, for the elephant in the room.

If you thought Danish CS was struggling before, spare a thought for poor HooXi.

After joking around about not needing to get a kill and still being able to win, he picked up two kills in a whole map.

But losing. Thus proving himself wrong. Never before has a quote made someone look so silly so quickly. G2 were dumped out by Vitality, and question marks were raised over HooXi ALREADY.

A taste of the poisoned chalice he has accepted, for the Dane.

He did, however, begin his redemption arc as G2 mowed down Vitality in a rematch. It might take some time to build respect, but it’s a start.

August 28, 2022

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