Hot potato

Gijs Verhoeff
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🔥 Feel the heat

  • This writing is straight fire - we’re happy to see innersh1ne’s inner shine.
  • NXT is no sweat for the cold-blooded Finn Jimpphat.
  • Nigma Galaxy has had a successful liftoff and the sky’s their limit.
  • This new fnatic roster is already giving us warm feelings.

😅 Whoops...

  • A gift from the heavens? Nah, a botched discard by dennyslaw...
  • Here’s our tip REZ, when boiling potatoes: don’t drop the water on your feet. Get well soon brother.
  • G2’s move in to NFTs didn’t go so well, seemingly...

👴 Roster moves: some familiar faces

  • It’s the return of the SEMPHIS, and we’ll have you know he’s jacked.
  • A true vENdetta returns, trying to find his Apeks with no Dignitas.
March 24, 2022

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