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Elliott Griffiths
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Welcome down under!

If you’ve got a crazy sleep schedule in Europe or you’re from somewhere else in the world, this might just be the event for you. As we write this - at 3:30AM CEST - there’s been just one game played.

In fact, if you wake up at a normal time, it will probably still be going on.

It’s an odd mish-mash of teams, which makes for an intriguing one. There’s basically five of the eight teams who can probably win, and seven who will feel they can. We’ll let you figure out which side of that EG Black sit on.

Perhaps the biggest name here is Complexity, who featured in said game with one of the squeakiest, least convincing wins of all time over ECSTATIC. hallzerk won two 1v3s, including in round 30, to give Complexity the 16-14 win from a 12-3 half time lead.

Other big names here include… erm, Bad News Eagles. That’s about it. Grayhound and VERTEX make up the Aussie offering, with Rare Atom coming from Asia.

Originally TheMongolz were here, but they have been replaced by Movistar Riders for seemingly unknown reasons, and EG have sent their ‘Black’ roster.

It’s something to watch for those of you who don’t normally get CS at reasonable times, and it should be a fun time for all involved. The Aussie crowd and talent are great fun, even if the team list is not massively exciting.

It’s the only time this decade you’ll see an NA team be favourite for an event, for crying out loud.

April 27, 2023

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