How to win more games, a TL;DR

Phillip Rasmussen
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Download Simple Radar. That's it.

Not convinced yet? Okay let's set the scene then:

Ever been baffled when someone called out 'Firebox' and you thought that box was Triple? Well, with Simple Radar you can finally prove that even though you lost, you were at least right - and that's what matters.

Part of our mission here at TLDR is being right, but the other part of the mission is providing cool stuff to CS:GO fans, and we felt that Simple Radar was that.

It was also a bit... underappreciated, so we (mainly Crash and NovaH) worked tirelessly with Simple Radar's founder, AREDONE, on refreshing the look and feel, while building it into a tool that is easy to use.

Everyone receiving this email can download it right here (password. gooseman), and test it out. Never again will you mistake Monster for ABC, or Diggity for the real Diggity.

If you have questions about installation or anything else, join Simple Radar's Discord or check out the announcement over on Reddit.

November 8, 2020

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