I know we promised no more HUNDEN...

Harry Richards
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  • But then he did this. And this. We don't know either.
  • Remember when the only English word Zywoo knew was "No"? Well he does interviews now! Talk about long game.
  • Speaking of long game, here comes Nikola Kovac! with the same long game he always has - cutting the IGL for one event because of visa issues.
  • Rush B went deep into es3tag's career. Then he went 25-46 against Astralis. Classic.
  • s1mple sounds... different. sh1ro looks... even more different.
  • best part of roster season? people denying roster moves. liar number one - hunter. liar number two - coldzera.
  • second best part? we get all the spicy drama from the dead teams. mostly the NA ones.
November 25, 2021

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