IEM Beijing Europe closes door on group stage

Gijs Verhoeff
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Ah yes, yet another online tournament with all the same teams and all the same expectation. Great.

The tournament is set to end their group stage today, with just Group B's mousesports vs G2 and NiP vs BIG still having to be played out later today. So far, we've seen the usual suspects rise above, with Astralis and Heroic topping Group B, and Complexity coming out of Group A.

Oh and FaZe.

Apparently all these years Kio wasn't the problem, but NiKo was. Along with FaZe and CoL, Na'Vi and Vitality came through as well, just through the longer and windier road that is the lower-bracket.

We'd write more about what went down, but to be fair with all these online tournaments, things have gotten kind of boring... All online and no LAN makes CS a dull game. But it's still going to be interesting to see the new G2 bring what they can to the table, mousesports try to fix their system, and overall just see everyone battle it out for dominance in this tournament. Right?

November 15, 2020

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