IEM Winter kicks off

Phillip Rasmussen
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If you're watching IEM Winter and feeling like you're seeing Danes everywhere, it's not just you.

In fact there are Danes on 8 of the 16 teams in attendance, or well, there was until Snappi tested positive for Covid-19. Either way, the point stands, Danes have successfully infiltrated all layers of Counter-Strike.

A team that's rumoured to take on their own portion of Danes is Vitality, but the "dead lineup", has looked revitalized as of late, so maybe not?

The French silver medalists from Blast Premier were in the ropes against MOUZ, but managed to come back from 13-15, drag the match into overtime and win 19-16.

Shockingly enough the team was carried by ZywOo... apEX and shox, who got 64 kills between them. Vintage.

You can't keep class down however, so when NiP and Vitality faced off in the semifinal of Group A, ZywOo ran a masterclass on Inferno. 2.13 rating and 29 kills in just 22 rounds.

The teams were a bit closer on Mirage, but in the end Vitality took an easy 2-0 victory, which leaves everyone in a bit of a conundrum. They're too good to split up, but not good enough to beat NAVI. Rock, meet hard place.

Elsewhere we had tons of action, so here are some of the highlights:

  • Heroic lost to GODSENT in their opener and will face FaZe for elimination tomorrow
  • MOUZ got knocked out by Astralis #FreeRopz
  • Liquid beat OG 16-12, while G2 squeezed past TYLOO 16-13
  • Either OG or TYLOO have been knocked out when you're reading this, but due to technical issues, that match won't be finished until after we finish writing this

So... if you're looking for a full list of results and the current group standings, make your way over to Liquipedia for the full overview.

Oh and ESL - 8 BO1s and 4 BO3s in one day on two streams is too much. We got heartburn just typing that sentence.

December 2, 2021

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