IHC's surprise at Katowice, a deep-dive on Asia CS and more

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One of our best episodes yet, has just hit your podcast player of choice!

We got so inspired by IHC’s surprising Top 12 placement at Katowice that we had to know more.

So aizyesque called on expert Asia analysts and casters, TeaTime and YouM3, to school us all on IHC and the Asia scene in general.

We left plenty of time stamps in this juicy episode so you can skip around.

Some highlights include:

  • IHC unsurprising rise despite 100 ping in scrims
  • Improving the tournament circuit: A Major Wildcard Qualifier and The Tripple A league
  • How EG could fire one player and get a Top 12 roster, if they dared

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February 10, 2023

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