In C9 We (don't) Trust

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Before you grab your fife and drums, put on the kettle, and get the scones (with jam on top obviously), you might want to think about the fact that Cloud9 offered floppy and oSee a new roster built around them, but they rejected because they feel like the current roster has good chemistry.
  • All the reddit analysts were sure to make clear to oSee how big of a mistake that was, as they usually do. oSee just doesn't remember asking however.
  • Dreamhack Open Fall, the last EU RMR event, will be headlined by mousesports, Complexity and Sprout, along with a bunch of lower tier teams like North for example.
  • Isurus, the org that brought us meyern - and who MIBR immediately took care of - have now added the 28 year old AWPer and IGL JonY BoY.
  • We know the coaching bug might've confused some people, but cheaters are still not allowed to participate in Valve related events. Unluko maluko for Loba...
  • In what's probably the biggest example of "Sources: dude trust me", Henry reacted to a fan's "leaking" of the rest of the C9 roster.
  • 10/10 Jake. Never Change.
September 20, 2020

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