In play-ins, without the paiN

Elliott Griffiths
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Are we doing this right?

Four teams have already been eliminated from Katowice, which is a real shame. For them, anyway. We’d rather not watch any more Evil Geniuses than we need to.

The biggest surprise among them is Brazilian paiN — we expected more from them. They impressed us in Melbourne and biguzera, Skullz, and zevy are all talented players.

Turns out, we expect far too much.

A first-round loss to ENCE is easily excusable, but getting two-zipped by IHC is a little worrying. Especially as IHC have a stand-in — teenager Bart4k, who dropped a 100+ ADR map on Nuke.

Still, someone has to disappoint. Not everyone can win. Someone has to be paiN. Or Evil Geniuses.

Permitta got clapped by Complexity after getting thumped by FURIA but showed glimpses of what they can do. Sadly, their post-plant discipline and late-round composure were lacking. They seemed to be having fun at least.

Unlike Evil Geniuses’ staff, whose mentions must be crazy right now.

Grayhound took a map off of MIBR, which in truth is more than we expected. Slowly, but surely, Grayhound are… doing something; we’re sure of it. Insani of MIBR looks like a player, and if it weren’t for a solid performance from him, we could be talking about two Brazilian teams out.

Oh, and if it wasn’t already obvious, Evil Geniuses lost. 2-0 to Sprout and 16-8 to fnatic.


At least kassad is enjoying it.

Eliminated Teams:

  • paiN
  • Grayhound
  • Permitta
  • EG
February 2, 2023

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