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Dmarket, one of our favorite places to trade skins, just shared a breakdown of the 25 best looking skins that cost less than a Big Mac Meal.

Okay, so you might wanna save your Crown Foil sticker for another drop, but not everything is about flexing the size of your bank account.

Take these four skins for instance:

  • USP-S Cortex, $1.62
  • AWP Paw, $2.99
  • M4A4 Dragon King, $4.21
  • P250 See Ya Later, $3.48

Go to Dmarket and grab those skins now, or check out one of their other 21 recommendations.

And don't snooze, we're sending this email to 30,000+ readers, so the price WILL go up.

Haven't traded skins before?

Here are three reasons why TLDR likes to do it on Dmarket:

  1. It's safe and they have a super attentive customer support
  2. It's very easy to get started
  3. It's way cheaper than buying on the Steam Marketplace
November 7, 2021

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