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Elliott Griffiths
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Five games left of a five week tournament, and everyone will be a banger - but first, how did we get there?

You already know about paiN and ENCE, but you might not yet know that paiN were eased out by MOUZ. The Brazilians took map one, but all five MOUZ players had their moments to push them past paiN.

ENCE, in the meantime, continued their streak with a convincing win over the newly-dupreeh-armed Vitality, including this ridiculous round from Nertz, who let a man pass to set up a huge clutch.

JACKZ must be feeling incroyable right now.

That left MOUZ vs Cloud9 for a spot against ENCE in the semis, with Cloud9 taking the dub. Ax1Le was in ridiculous nick, putting up 69 kills and almost 100 ADR over three maps. sh1ro wasn’t even really needed.

On the other side of the bracket, NAVI snuck past 00NATION in slightly dodgy fashion, but soundly dispatched of a lacklustre Outsiders team just like they did in Katowice. That leaves Heroic vs NAVI as a quarter-final game. Yummy.

FURIA ran over fnatic thanks to their twin fangs popping off - despite an excellent performance from nicoodoz - but were swept away with ease by FaZe, who dropped just 16 rounds over the two rounds.

Somehow, if you had forgotten just like we had, that earns FaZe the chance to play against Jerry’s titans, forZe. Or as it’s now apparently stylised, FORZE. Probably to avoid any similarities with their opponents.

That leaves Heroic vs NAVI and FORZE vs FaZe in the quarters, and C9 vs ENCE in the semis, so far.

We absolutely bloody cannot wait. This was worth waiting four weeks for. Maybe.

March 23, 2023

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