Is CS:GO back?

Elliott Griffiths
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BLAST might be about to put the NA back in Pangaea, as they plan to bring the inferior North American teams to God's continent for some Counter-Strike related festivities.

Team Liquid, EG, 100 Thieves and... sigh, MIBR are likely to be the four teams flown in to Europe to compete in the BLAST Premier Fall, for the whole duration. We're sure it'll be better than MIBR's last trip to Europe, right?

We wonder if the two remaining MIBR players might suspiciously have a cough just before they need to fly this time.

It's going to be ace to see that NA vs EU rivalry again - it's not quite LAN just yet as far as we know, but it's the next best thing. By then, too, we won't have long 'til LAN is back in December, and it won't be such a long flight if you're already here.

That rules out oBo to EG or TL, too. Looks like he might have got out in the perfect time - as everyone seems to be staying away from home for a while. Let's hope these players are looked after.

October 4, 2020

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