Is 'EZ4ENCE' a tired meme yet?

Elliott Griffiths
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It is said in Greek mythology that Hades is the god of the dead, and the king of the underworld.

Which fits, because he definitely owned the ghost of North yesterday in the grand final of the 'Funspark ULTI 2021'. How the mighty have fallen.

ENCE's allu replacement raised some eyebrows at the time, but hades has been popping off HARD in his stead. He was far, far too much for HYENAS to deal with - he dropped 60 frags in 60 rounds in a BO3.

Yeah. 60 kills in the grand final. He was the only player going positive on his team on Vertigo, and he went +20. He quite literally got so many kills that everyone other than Gade couldn't go positive.

Don't look at aizy's K/D. Not relevant. Source: HLTV

At least HYENAS are looking like a tier two team, so far. That's... honestly better than we thought they would be right now, with so many things needing to go right so fast. But they do have a lot of talent, so they'll always be decent enough.

Now put that gun away, Elliott. We're agreeing with you.

June 20, 2021

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