Is JW being flamie'd?

Elliott Griffiths
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Pro tip: if you're going to sign a sixth man, don't publicly say that having a sixth man wouldn't work for your team. Just, don't say anything.

fnatic have signed Peppzor as their sixth man, described as an 'anchor' by the coach. That's either a subtle dig at Vitality, or it means they're actually trying to sign a flusha replacement.

That makes sense, obviously, but why did they sign a JW replacement beforehand (Jackinho is now main AWPing), making JW rifle for a bit, and then signing a flusha replacement?

We're not going to pretend we're massive Peppzor fans or have even watched him play, but it all seems a little strange to us regardless of how good he is.

It's certainly fueling some speculation that JW might be joining flusha's team. We did think Calyx was a temporary addition, like he seems to be everywhere else.

April 22, 2021

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