Is NiKo cursed?

Phillip Rasmussen
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It's hard to imagine, but someone actually played CS:GO at Blast Premier Fall Finals. Except for Mousesports, who apparently didn't show up. Which is probably a good thing, then chrisJ can work on getting this CSPPA thing working.. oh never mind.

In the matches that were played, G2 vs FURIA was one of the most interesting. Since signing NiKo, and benching JaCkz, the super team has looked solid but with room to improve. The match against the Brazilians didn't change that impression the slightest.

After losing Inferno 5-16, G2 managed to come back and swing it around on Mirage, but had it not been for NiKo dropping 36 frags, they would have lost 0-2. And we'd all been talking about how NiKo was cursed.

Instead G2 got an upper bracket matchup against BIG, who by the looks of it, could use a break. We're not quite sure tabseN got the memo, but he's playing in IEM Global Challenge next week as well.

They're not quite done in Blast Premier either, as they outlasted G2 in a BO3 that came down to the wire. That means BIG are through to the upper bracket final against Vitality, and a guaranteed top 3 finish. Is NiKo cursed?

Elsewhere s1mple once again had a masterclass performance vs Astralis, only to be let down by his team in two overtime losses against Vitality. That sets up Na`Vi with a match against FURIA later today for their tournament survival.

The Ukranian superstar did however get the 10,000th AWP kill in his career (thanks to our loyal speed reader Typho for pointing that out). We guess that's a small W.. ish?

Blast Premier Fall Finals conclude on Sunday, and the winner takes home $225,000 and a spot at the Blast Premier Global Finals 2020, which is set to be played... in 2021.

December 11, 2020

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