Is NiKo the best player in the world?

Elliott Griffiths
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NiKo from G2 Esports

Illustration by NovaH. Source: G2 Esports

Well... maybe?

According to nexa, he is, and it's getting very, very difficult to find arguments against him at least being the best rifler in the world.

He essentially gave NiP the full force of the Balkans all by himself, collecting 82 skulls to add his already impressive stretch of bodies. To put that into perspective, the second highest fragger in the server was es3tag with 63.

Over a quarter of those kills were entry frags, too. He's untouchable right now, and we NEED to see a replay of him vs s1mple. Like, right now. Preferably in front of a crowd, but that's seeming less and less likely.

Well... it's only NiP. He'd have to do something similar to Vitality for us t-

Alright, admit it. You thought we were going to say he smashed them on his own, too. But you can't be beating teams like that on your own; that's one of the best dead rosters we've ever seen.

If anything, it outlined how reliant on NiKo G2 are. Even with his team losing 32-23 over two maps, he picked up a positive K/D, and didn't even need to AWP like that ZywOo kid.

It's alright, NiKo. Reinforcements are on their way in the form of m0NESY and maybe ropz or some other ridiculously expensive and illustrious video gamer. Just hold out, we'll get you a team one of these days.

Weird how NiKo's teammates always seem to get worse once they're on a tea- no no, don't think about it. Not today.

Oh, and it also set up G2 vs NaVi in the lower bracket, which is just - and pardon our French, here - flippin' brilliant. We get that match-up we wanted.

December 17, 2021

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