Is saving bad? (yes)

Elliott Griffiths
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Our resident Rainman NER0 has been up to his old number-crunching ways to tell us that yes, saving IS cringe.

Or something like that. We just skim read it so we could moan about Outsiders and Inferno.

We are blessed, though. Harry brings us numbers that match with the eye test, and this article is no different. From the fact that ‘Jame saves 5% (or percentage points) more than any other player’ to the fact that Inferno is a ‘save heaven’.

Harry asserts that ‘Inferno stands out for all the wrong reasons’ and that its sites are ‘nearly impossible to retake… even in matchmaking’, which is definitely something that we’ve seen and felt. For the last year.

In fairness, this won’t be helped by the fact Outsiders - who save more than anyone else - won a Major. They’ve made the game more boring for all of us.

If that whets your appetite for more, we do recommend reading the full thing. But if you can’t be arsed, just know it says Inferno stinks and Outsiders are boring. Support Complexity instead!

March 2, 2023

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