Is the PGL Sound guy in charge of scheduling?

Elliott Griffiths
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Stop panicking!

The scheduling conflicts have been resolved. You probably didn’t even realize it, but PGL somehow managed to schedule the RMRs to conflict with a bunch of other events despite scheduling them after.

No worries, that faux pas has been resolved and will begin in two weeks, with the second EU and the Americas RMRs beginning in March. It’s all good, no problems any more.

Unless, of course, you want to enter the Americas RMR and Fragadelphia, in which case... good luck. Somehow PGL managed to schedule a conflict there as well. Does nobody there know how to navigate to the Events tab on HLTV?

This is particularly bad for the smaller NA teams who see Frag as a huge deal, but also don’t want to give up on the dream of playing at a Major. Because of course you wouldn’t want to give up on it, as unlikely as it is.

QBF, Copenhagen Flames, Vega Squadron; these teams were unheard of, unfancied and unlikely to ever make it, and yet they didn’t give up. This conflict might cause some teams to have to make that choice, and that doesn’t sit well with us.

Still, on the positive side, they’ve looked to fix it before and probably will again - and it’s more Counter-Strike to add to the mountain of CS to watch over the next few months.

We can’t wait.

February 10, 2022

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