Is there even a number 1 team right now?

Phillip Rasmussen
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While we all know that the best CIS team right now is Spirit, it's actually another CIS behemoth that has reclaimed the top spot in the world. Natus Vincere have squeezed themselves in front of a decimated Astralis-lineup on HLTV's most recent world ranking.

The Danes have lost 40% of their points after Xyp9x and gla1ve took leaves, but they're still barely in second place, leading Fnatic with three points.

Another way of looking at the ranking would be by asking: Is there even a number 1 team right now?

With every game being played online, teams and players spending more time at home than with each other, and no intercontinental play, is it really fair to say that anyone is the best team in the world? And with the current roster instability that is plaguing several teams, can you even compare them against each other?

Welp, that was a lot of questions and frankly we don't have the answers. Let us know on Twitter who you think is the best team in the world right now (and why it's Spirit). We'll share the best answers in our Monday edition 🧠.

June 4, 2020

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