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Gijs Verhoeff
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"We're innocent we swear!"

Yeah and the Deagle isn't overpow- wait, that joke's old now. Sht.*

Yes, he sometimes goes off on a rant, but never forget Richard Lewis is actually a great investigative journalist.

In his most recent work, he uncovered that Heroic had their players sign non-disclosure agreements (or NDAs) following the entire HUNDEN debacle.

What this means is that the org effectively forbid its players from speaking about the subject. Because if they did, it'd be a breach of said NDA, and Heroic would have been able to sue 🤫

According to Lewis reporting, the NDA goes pretty far, and the players eventually didn't sign it, but since the situation is pretty complicated, here's two scenarios for you:

  • Scenario one: The players did not know HUNDEN was cheating, and the NDA was drafted to protect them more than to protect the org.
  • Scenario two: The players did know HUNDEN was cheating, and Heroic were trying to protect their reputation, as well as the players'.

Given how the NDA is set up, to us scenario two seems much more likely than scenario one. This is important because it gives HUNDEN's claims way more credibility, and might mean bad news for the players that were on the roster at the time.

Scenario two would basically completely fit in the "taking one for the team" theory.

The cheating story broke, and HUNDEN was told to take the fall, with a promise he would be able to return after his ban. Heroic drafted the NDAs to protect the players, who were told to keep their mouths shut. HUNDEN cooperated with ESIC to make himself look better in the eyes of the public, and reduce his sentence.

All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together, and it's not looking good for anyone involved with Heroic at the time...

September 26, 2021

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