It’s a bit of a gamble

Elliott Griffiths
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🎰  Money, money, money

  • And it’s not really paying off Astralis. Offshore not-so-legal gambling sites don’t always make for good sponsors, just so you know.
  • If you want to know more about their betting shenanigans, you can watch this docuseries by Coffeezilla.

📰  Breaking news

  • kennyS isn’t going to OG VALORANT, as Riot took care of that. What a relief.
  • MODDII is going to Astralis Talent... though as a coach. Trace will stay on as the main coach as ave is sidelined. Boring, we know.
  • In other news: big esports org has big gaming facility. Shocker. Missed opportunity at calling it “The Complexity Complex” if you ask us.
  • In other other news: old man on twitter rambles about logos in videogame. We say he’s got a point.

🧠 Too Long; Did Read

  • If you feel like reading about age and motivation in CS, look no further. To put it in the words of the writer and tl;dr alumnus NER0: “It’s 2500 odd words of psychologists trying to tell me they’re the reason players are good”.
May 5, 2022

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