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Gijs Verhoeff
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  • CS:GO is like a Jenga game and Richard Lewis isn't sure how many bricks are left. You should watch this, we can't TL;DR this amazing rant.
  • chrisJ might not give a damn about NA CS:GO, but ESL does, and they want to fix it. We suggest they hire Mike Rowe to do it.
  • degster is going to be a superstar. You're saying "who?!", and we'll just point to HLTV's "One for the future" series, which has successfully predicted ZywOo, sergej, poizon, CeRq and jamppi as potential superstars. meyern was a fluke though.
  • You get a HLTV page, you get a HLTV page, everybody gets a HLTV page! Except for Brian_. Bad Luck Brian.
  • DreamHack just rebranded, and for all the new ESL and DreamHack readers, here's a quick verdict by inhouse graphic mastermind, NovaH: "I like it". That's it, that's the line.
  • SPELLAN made a mess and then tried to say sorry. Sorry that he got caught.
  • c0ntact is also sorry. Sorry that they ever decided to get into CS:GO and paid $1,000,000 for a Flashpoint spot. So now they're transfer listing their entire lineup, which bodes well for Flashpoint Season 3.
December 11, 2020

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