It’s a real bumper edition…

Elliott Griffiths
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  • Sprout have been really busy in the last few weeks, trialling new IGLs, cutting Zyphon, moving refrezh to new roles and now, undoing all of that by swapping out refrezh for Zyphon again. So now it’s just -refrezh +BERRY. Capisce?
  • SmithZz has been kicked from the team he created after a few months, in what experts are calling ‘the most obvious sword-falling since fnx rejoined Imperial’. How could anyone have predicted this?
  • guerri is free! After months of protesting, FURIA’s coach has been graciously allowed to stand behind his team and not cheer for the Major. Yay!
  • Anonymo have disbanded, leaving innocent, Demho, Vegi, mwlky, SZPERO and imd without a team.
  • Fessor has replaced Nertz on Endpoint - giving the talented Dane a great shot at reigniting an impressive stint at the start of his career.
March 2, 2023

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