It’s getting hairy for Astralis

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: ESL

Remember circa one week ago where we joked about Aurora beating Astralis and how they had a few more chances to qualify for the RMR?

We took that opportunity because… well, we didn’t think we’d have another chance.

Yes, they went out in the round of 16, but they were just going to steam through on their second chance.

Third chance at worst.


Astralis stumbled in second to Neon Rangers, a team that includes… nobody you’ve ever heard of. We promise. Unless you play for them, in which case, hi! Good job!

In the third RMR qualifier, Astralis lost a BO1 16-8 to los kogutos, with only one player going positive. No prizes for guessing which bait- erm, player it was.

They weren’t alone, mind you. Movistar Riders are struggling too, but they’ve just lost their star player and, importantly, aren’t four time Major champions.

There are some murmurs about how the format sucks. That qualifying for the RMR shouldn’t be done by online BO1s…

What those people seem to miss is two things:

  1. At some point there must be online BO1s so we don’t waste our entire lives waiting for Rio
  2. This is absolutely hilarious

HEET, SINNERS, SAW, GamerLegion and Entropiq also join these two with one spot left in the European RMR.

No wonder EG wanted to stay American.

August 25, 2022

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