It's pay-day

Elliott Griffiths
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  • GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG. Spend two racks on fnatic gear.
  • Malta Vibes is apparently a CS:GO tournament, and not a new Martin Garrix song.
  • You know who else needs a break? c0ntact, after a 4 hour game. They announced Snappi this week too.
  • zonic's book is out in English, though we could have done with it being written maybe six months later.
  • Copenhagen Flames sold their roster to x6tence.
  • No more spin to win gaming - Valve patched the spinning defuse trick out.
  • DeKay wrote at length about exhaustion in CSGO. Not sure what brought that on...
June 25, 2020

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