It’s the NA showdown (dududu)

Sebastian Lalic
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Illustration by Fuffy.

5 Australians, 26 Brazilians, 4 Americans, and 2 Canadians walk into an event. What do you call it? Yup, you guessed it right:

It’s the “BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2022 North America”. A name that’s long, AND false advertising.

A) There are more Australians than Americans and

B) it's DOMINATED by Brazilians. Why even call it North America at that point?

Make it make sense BLAST. False advertisement aside: There are some banger matchups on the schedule for this event.

felps’ new team “Fluxo” will be playing against EG, who had a great showing at the Major. It’s a matchup ripe for an early surprise; felps always has some magic in him, while teammates lux and Lucaozy have been tearing up the SA events.

They’re currently on a 10-game win streak that has seen them beat 9z in a BO3 in order to qualify for the Blast Showdown. The same 9z that just made the Major. Don’t be surprised if the Evil Geniuses are the next to fall at their hands.

You’d have to be a genius to figure out the Fluxo-capacitor. No? We had to try.

If you have time next Thursday, or even if you don’,t we implore you: Check out the MIBR and Team One game. There’s gonna be some proper Brazilian CS on display. And whilst malbsMd might not be one of the Brazilians, we’re still stans here at TLDR.

Finally, if we see both Fluxo and 00NATION win their first-round matchups we could get a Coldzera and TACO VS felps showdown. One that decides who goes into the final game before Blast Fall finals qualification.

We’re rooting for that to happen, here at TLDR. Whenever former teammates get in a scuffle it’s bound to be fireworks. Especially with THESE Brazilians.

South-American chaos at the North-American event.

October 13, 2022

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