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Elliott Griffiths
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The bloody Major is here.

Not the RMR, not just another major trophy, not even just another Major. The final CSGO Major ever. No ifs, no buts. Do or die.

The Major is here.

This is what ten years of Counter-Strike has been building up to. It’s been building up to FaZe vs Monte in a BO1 at 11:30AM (CEST). To paiN vs Fluxo at a time basically unwatchable for Brazilians.

No, but seriously.

The opening games of the Major are the two we just discussed, but both are interesting for very different reasons. FaZe were… unconvincing in qualification, while Monte were surprisingly robust. On paper it’s a FaZe win, but it’s not that simple.

BOROS is the man to watch - he lit up the server in every game he played, more or less, at the RMR and is the one person Monte can look to to upset the odds.

paiN vs Fluxo, meanwhile, was an absolute feast for paiN in qualification. They battered Fluxo black and blue, but Major magic is strong and your pick’ems are destined for failure. Who knows?

Following that we have GamerLegion vs Complexity, in which we get to see quite where the second best team in NA would fit in European tier two, while G2 take on TheMongolz in another game that your pick’ems probably hinge on.

TheMongolz upset a bunch of teams last time out, but this would be a crazy scalp to take. Mind you, G2 are prone to it.

FORZE meet Grayhound in possibly the most ‘B-stream’ sounding game of all time, during which Apeks get to try and ruin the American dream too, as they meet Team Liquid. jL is their star, and Apeks revolve around him, so look out for him.

ENCE and OG square off in an international clash, and as ever we have no idea what to expect of OG. They might be absolutely awful, or they might be the… 11th best team in the world, or something. We’re a bit bored of them.

Finally, the first round ends with NIP vs MOUZ at the same time, which is another unpredictable game. MOUZ are serial choke artists, but NIP couldn’t perform a Heimlich manoeuvre if their life de- actually, never mind.

And then we go all the way back around again.

And THEN there’s three more rounds, then the Legends Stage and… ah man, Christmas doesn’t have a patch on the Major.

May 8, 2023

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