Jamppi carries ENCE to Blast Premier Finals

Phillip Rasmussen
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Ence.

We've made a lot of fun at the expense of ENCE since they got rid of Aleksib and made allu the ingame-leader, but the tables have definitely turned now. While OG suffered a humbling defeat against c0ntact, and Aleksib went -15, ENCE has gone from strength to strength recently.

And not least due to Jamppi. The 18 year old AWPer has been instrumental in turning what was starting to look like a deroute eerily similar to North's. A year ago ENCE was considered one of the best teams in the World, while just a few weeks ago they dipped in the #25 spot on HLTV's ranking. Since then though, ENCE has gone through Blast Premier EU Showdown without dropping a map. In fact, one could almost say that it was EZ4ENCE.

For Jamppi, the redemption that he's helping ENCE claim, is as much a redemption for himself. Originally set to join OG, an old VAC ban meant that Valve ruled him out from a possible Major participation, leading the two time TI-winning team to unceremoniously dump him.

Instead Jamppi got a 6th man slot on ENCE, where his lack of meaningful playing time hadn't allowed him to really step up. That is until their Blast Premier EU Showndown playoff matches. Both versus Mousesports and MAD Lions, Jamppi was one of the best players and in the words of ENCE's co-founder natu, there's nothing Valve can do about it. We wish they would though. Please #FreeJamppi, Valve.

June 7, 2020

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