Jason Lake's guide to getting an esports job

Gijs Verhoeff
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Ever wanted to be the social media manager for a big esports brand? Or wanted to work with the team and travel the world? Well, according to Jason Lake - The Don of NA esports and creator of  the Juggernaut - such a job is not out of your reach.

The esports veteran released a video on the topic earlier this month, but we worked with him to create a written version, for those of you who prefer reading over watching. The Harry Potter books are better than the movies*, change our minds.*

In just eight bullet points, we help you understand how Jason thinks you'll have the best chance of landing an interview, and of course nailing that interview to get the job.

We won't reveal too much, but it involves some careful but flexible planning, professionalism, perseverance and determination and more. So give it a read, and next time a chance presents itself, don't hesitate.

July 23, 2020

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