Jerry takes over

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by ANDYJ. Source: Göran Schmidt, GRID / Igor Bezborodov

All bow to king Jerry.

No matter who leaves forZe, no matter how many times he has to rebuild, he builds his fortress stronger, and strikes back with a vengeance.

In what was considered a tough group for the perennial underdogs, forZe breezed past a lacklustre NAVI and a Team Spirit - who had previously dismantled Astralis - to move into pole position in Group D.

Interestingly, it was shalfey who ripped NAVI apart and carried forZe to victory, but he bottomfragged in the win over Spirit. There’s some serious depth to this team.

They’ll play ENCE in the Upper Final, after ENCE beat ATK in three maps and Rare Atom in two to qualify.

Yeah. Rare Atom. We’ll get to that later.

Poor ATK lost to ENCE, got treated to a lower bracket game against Team Liquid and now have Astralis in the Last Chance Stage. Astralis got swept by Team Spirit, as previously mentioned, but pushed NAVI to three.

Unfortunately for them, s1mple woke up.

33-17 in 28 rounds on Inferno left Astralis with not a prayer - a far cry from the GOATstralis line-up that always made s1mple look a bit silly.

Astralis 0-2 after two games, and we’re really not that surprised. How the world has changed.

Catch the full overview here of Group D.

March 16, 2023

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