Join us in Antwerp (or sponsor a few beers)

Jacob Bolvig
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Ever wanted aizyesque to sign your biceps, ask napz how to pronounce his real name or see whether NovaH is a naturally creative designer or on a forever magic mushroom trip?

Now’s your chance to meet them all together with some of your other fellow speed readers.

On Friday the 20th of May we’ll host our very first TL;DR meet-up somewhere around the PGL Major in Antwerp.

Exactly when and where is to be decided. First, we need to know who is interested. So, if you had plans to visit the major, sign up on our event page and come by to say hi to some of the creators behind your favorite CS:GO newsletter!

Also if you work for a brand that wants to earn some serious goodwill by sponsoring a grassroots event, please reach out to our co-founder at jacob[at]

We’ll come up with an in-person activation for your brand, and you’ll help us ensure nobody leaves the meetup feeling thirsty.

May 1, 2022

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