Jonji spills the tea

Elliott Griffiths
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D’ya remember about, ooh, we don’t know, three days ago when we did a whole thing about how NA was carrying the drama scene in CSGO, and we loved the good ol’ incompetence that reminded us of way back when?

Oh, baby.

After the Party Astronauts debacle where they took our money and wasted it on not flying to Europe, cynic decided to leave the team. Why, you ask, did he choose to leave? Protesting the managerial incompetence? He got a better offer?

Erm, no. It was because he was the bestest, most hardest working player ever and his teammates just didn’t work as hard as him. So he’s moving to a team not in Pro League from the team who is.

Not that he would be able to take part, given it was he who was not fully vaccinated and caused the travel issues, according to teammate Jonji. While Jonji has his own issues (in a now deleted tweet, cyn1c called out his low hours), he pulled no punches.

Jonji called him a freak, said he would ruin practice by running up mid or pushing when he shouldn’t, called him out for not being vaxxed despite needing to travel and later made a jab about him not playing for his teammates.

Jonji is known as a bit of a hothead - famously getting tilted so hard by his teammates gameplay he appeared to give up on the round. But for cynic, perhaps it’s not a great idea to brand your teammates lazy after wasting 6 months worth of time putting off getting a vaccine.

Can’t imagine why orgs don’t want to invest in NA CS.

If, like us, you’re a bit peed off about giving money to one team who wasted it, maybe you can donate to this women’s team who are aiming to go to Copenhagen Games.

Maybe ask if they’re all vaccinated, first.

February 20, 2022

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