JUGi JUGi JUGi JUGi (ah ah ah ah ah ah ah)

Elliott Griffiths
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We almost suggested this as a joke last newsletter, but we were concerned it was a bit too far-fetched.

Astralis' 7th man looks likely to be former North scapego- sorry, AWPer, JUGi. No, like actually. Click the link to prove it. It's not a Rick roll, we promise.

JUGi. To Astralis.

Maybe a year or two ago this would have sounded reasonable, but JUGi's stock is at an all-time low after an unsuccessful spell at North, and he's now apparently joining Astralis, as a seventh man. Is he, like, carrying the water bottles at events?

Knowing North's luck, JUGi will turn out to be an absolute behemoth on Astralis and probably drop 80 kills against them. But at least on paper, this move seems bizarre.

May 10, 2020

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