Just because it’s rated R doesn’t mean it’s wrong

Elliott Griffiths
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🔉 Shush

  • sjuush shushes us all by quietly re-signing with Heroic. Wordplay, we love it.
  • The key to confusing your enemy is to not know what you’re doing yourself” - Sun Tzu, probably. It’s working on Liquid though.

🐟 Something fishy’s going on

  • Mnmzzz couldn’t have put how we feel about MICHU and Apeks any better.
  • We swear Richard's only form of communication is through ranting. He’s another species.

🥛 Aged like milk

  • Please, kassad, tell us again how G2 wouldn’t win a tournament this year.
  • Your favourite spoiled dairy is back again, and he’s set his scope on the Paris Major. Take your time, breathe, the laughter does eventually end.
December 18, 2022

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