k0nfig puts NIP to the sword at BLAST

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH.

...but he couldn't stop Vitality.

Don't fret, k0nfig fans, because the judge, jury and executioner is back, dealing vigilante justice to anyone who deserves it, and a bunch of people who don't.

If breaking your wrist makes you come back and drop a 60-36 scoreline against NiP and 81 kills against Vitality, then we might need to start forearm smashing some solid objects, like blameF's arms.

What did they install in there?

At the time of writing, he's the fourth highest rated player at the event, despite Astralis losing their series to Vitality. Admittedly he has been stealing Lucky's AWP and telling him that Astralis are better with he and gla1ve AWPing.

Which like... yeah, but you're not supposed to say that. We think Lucky might be off.

Unsurprisingly, ZywOo was the only positive player on Vitality, dropping a +31 scoreline. Which would be incredible for anyone else, but it's another day at the office for ZywOo.

Well, anyone else but s1mple, who coincidentally also went +31 against Heroic. The scriptwriters are getting lazy, it seems. NaVi lost their huge map winning streak as Heroic took Mirage in dramatic fashion, but their triple threat was enough to stop the Danes.

s1mple was pretty quiet in their opening game, though, as it was B1T who smashed BIG to pieces. Twistzz attempted to 1v9 against Heroic, but couldn't deal with their tight teamplay, while ZywOo picked up a 100 ADR series against Team Liquid.

November 25, 2021

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