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Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by Fuffy. Source: PGL / Joao Ferreira

Can you break an ankle by punching someone?

According to Jaxon, k0nfig was involved in a bust-up with an unnamed party in Malta, described as a ‘fist-fight’. Which is odd, for one big reason.

k0nfig’s absence from Astralis is due to a broken ankle, and whenever we get in fist-fights, we ain’t throwing kicks. k0nfig, apparently, is more Anderson Silva than Anthony Joshua.

We… also don’t fight much. Maybe this is quite normal.

We’re just happy we weren’t in a fight with k0nfig. He’s a scary fella. If he came out of it with a broken ankle, what on Earth did the other guy look like?

Of course, this might not be entirely true. Jaxon suggest that k0nfig is on the brink of being benched due to this alleged fight, while the Dane has denied it as ‘mostly BS’.

Erm, Kristian, what does ‘mostly’ BS, mean?

Did the fight happen and you’re not being benched? Are you being benched, but there was no fight?

Did you break your ankle trying to kick blameF?

There’s also the possibility that the two incidents are unattached. Perhaps he broke his ankle in a completely unrelated incident, just days after his kerfuffle.

Seems unlikely, but unlikely things happen all the time. Just last week, one member of TLDR even made their parents proud. Unlikely things happen.

Whatever actually happened is unclear, and we doubt Astralis are going to come out and say “yeah lol he absolutely decked someone” and confirm any rumours - so it comes down to Jaxon’s assertion vs k0nfig’s denial.

We’re not sure we’d want to be on k0nfig’s bad side, mind you. Jaxon’s got some balls.

September 29, 2022

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