KaiR0N- disappears

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by ANDYJ. Source: Virtus Pro

Erm, what?

No, but seriously, what on s1mple’s green Earth has gone on here?

KaiR0N- has left Virtus.pro, having joined Outsiders just after the last Major and having played one event (well, 80% of one event) on VP. For some reason.

Genuinely, we have no idea why. The only thing we’re given is some vague rhetoric about ‘pressure’, and then he’s not just dropped from the team but made into a free agent as well.

You don’t cut someone’s contract short like this because of the way they handle pressure, wethinks.

For the moment, n0rb3r7 is back in - but one imagines that the player who was cut in the past won’t last long this time, either. Never go back to an ex, guys and girls. It almost never works.

All that’s left now is speculation. Why KaiR0N- has left is likely to stay under wraps, not least because the VP players don’t seem the type to spout off. In the meantime, the player was quick to remind us he speaks English, Russian, and German.

If we were him, we wouldn’t mention we speak German, just in case BIG tried to sign us.

April 16, 2023

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