Karma is a bitch

Sebastian Lalic
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Illustration by NovaH.

We’ve all heard the adage “karma is a bitch” because it’s usually true. Although normally it takes more time than this.

For context: This was at EPIC.LAN, a UK-based LAN event where the teams sit quite close. Especially in the for-fun intermediate tournament where our story took place. You can imagine this breeds a lot of shit-talking. As if the UK scene needed encouragement for that.

Allow us to set the stage:

The team “25AVG” had to fight back from the brink to force overtime in their BO1 semi-final on Overpass against “ANKARA MESSI”. Where they carried on with the momentum and got themselves matchpoint. It’s an after-plant 2v1 and “Freshness” is holding from Bank. He gets the first but the second trades and hops on the defuse.

But he doesn’t have a kit.

There should still narrowly be time until our hero Faite decides to get up and make a taunting roar. As he sits down, he hits the right arrow key which forced him to look right and get off the defuse. All hope is lost as the instant karma takes effect.

We don’t know why he didn’t have a kit in overtime. What we do know is that the Twitter response was great.

There are clips on the UKCS website as well, so let them know we sent you.

February 27, 2023

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