karrigan and NiKo choke it up again

Elliott Griffiths
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While the semis were cool, the quarters were where all the spicy stuff happened.

Cloud9 have always been underwhelming on LAN, and FaZe have consistently knocked them out of big events. Pro League, Katowice and Cologne all saw our favourite Russians binned out by the best team in the world.

This time, things were different. FaZe, cursed with the fate of the Major winner, faced an Ax1Le who refused to lose. This was one of the hardest carry performances you’ll ever see, outside of the level 10 guy queuing with level 1s for easy ELO.

And even then…

He was absolutely sensational on Inferno and then dropped 29 on Mirage to drag Cloud9 over the line and resurface all of those inner demons for karrigan.

Still, he could take solace in knowing NiKo choked a lead in the other quarter final.

A massive lead for G2 on map two after winning Inferno was spunked up the wall by NiKo and co, and then they got slapped on Mirage by FURIA.

Won’t be long before Aleksib gets cut for another star and NiKo starts IGLing again.

FURIA found themselves on the end of a Snax’ing on Nuke, after Maden cracked ‘em open time and time again on Vertigo. It was that easy, G2. Maybe you should just sign Snax.

Cloud9, similarly, smacked BIG on back-to-back maps 16-9 16-3, but they did lose the first map. Amateurs. Cloud9 had found their online form offline, but BIG hadn’t quite done that yet.

June 5, 2022

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