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Elliott Griffiths
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Turns out, when NiKo leaves, FaZe might be able to have karrigan back, and all they lost was time, money and a game to G2.

According to The Clutch, karrigan is in talks to replace olofmeister in the starting line-up and lead FaZe Clan once more. Seeing karrigan's FaZe take on NiKo's G2 will be something of a fever dream, but also an absolute banger, so we're going to call worth.

This would leave mousesports without an IGL, and the obvious answer to that problem is FalleN. Uh, sort of. It sounds obvious to us, but actually it would also be kinda weird.

Doesn't matter, anyway, as FalleN accidentally leaked that he might be on his way to GODSENT. That, or a far less interesting move to a Brazilian team. Also - the rumoured GODSENT roster mysteriously didn't have farlig, and instead had fer, which would be a really exciting move if they replaced literally anyone else on that team.

Well, maybe farlig is on his way to North. Right guys? Right?

Realistically, he'll probably join Astralis, along with the other half of Denmark. At this rate, he might need to join the first team, but we thought that about Bubzkji, and they for whatever reason don't want to play him.

Maybe he can go to mousesports and have chrisJ back to in-game leading. Now that's a move we can get on board with.

November 19, 2020

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