Kicking Cologne off

Elliott Griffiths
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Welcome to the second Major of the year.

Sort of.

We might be a little merry - but the day of Cologne playoffs is upon us. A packed arena, five great teams, MOUZ, beer and an amazing weekend with your TLDR friends.

If you’re not in Cologne this weekend, don’t fear; you can drink beer from home and still enjoy the show. But you HAVE to get there some day.

Two huge best of threes are coming your way today, with two more the day after, and a best of five on Sunday. What more could you want?

And don’t say a BO3 final. Yes, we know.

Hometown heroes MOUZ, with their singular German player, kick off the party against Astralis. Which kinda sounds like it should be one-sided - but MOUZ have been surprisingly good at Cologne, and Astralis have been…

Well, surprisingly bad for the last six months. It’s not really surprising any more. It’s just weird to see this game being between the two underachievers of the last year.

The other semi is a spicy one. The most loveable fanbase in the world vs the most obnoxious. The Fighting Dragonites against The YEK-and-Yanks. The Riders vs the… fluid. Or something.

Movistar Riders take on Team Liquid with every single person east of the Atlantic supporting the Riders. Both teams have been remarkably strong at Cologne, and should make for some fireworks.

NaVi and FaZe await them, with a potential rematch of the Major final coming up.

What a weekend this promises to be.

July 14, 2022

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