King cadiaN strikes again

Elliott Griffiths
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How exactly did North screw up having cadiaN in charge of the roster?

Forget Astralis, it's time to really consider Heroic as the premier team in Denmark - the team that was once the weird uncle to a super stacked scene, now led by a guy who was an outcast from said scene; so much so, that he had to head to NA to salvage his reputation.

In one of the most gruelling, intense best of fives of all time, Heroic came out ahead of Gambit. Imagine saying that 18 months ago. And for such a ridiculous final to end with such a crescendo was mindblowing.

In some sort of poetic parellel to his career, cadiaN overcame the odds once more; armed with just a P250 and no armour, he picked up a knife kill on the usually immortal sh1ro before wielding his AWP to take down the remaining three.

It was another superb showing from Gambit, who have proved themselves as one of the best teams in the world, without question. There's no ifs and buts any more, Gambit are top three. Ax1le, who won MVP, is one of the best riflers in the world, and nobody would argue sh1ro isn't one of the best AWPers, especially given he dropped 122 in the final.

Heroic and Gambit are the two best teams in the world, Astralis are in shambles (more on that later) and NA CS doesn't exist.

Welcome to 2021. Put your mask on and leave your preconceptions off.

April 11, 2021

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