Kinguin - The first International CS:GO super-team

Gijs Verhoeff
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When you ask people "what is the first international CS:GO super-team?", most would automatically think about FaZe. The American organization has become a synonym for that sort of team structure, but the foundation was actually laid by ScreaM and Maikelele.

In HLTV's most recent "The Story Of" feature, Luis Mira sat down with some of the people involved in the first international superstar lineup that came to CS:GO, namely Kinguin.

Five years ago, the lineup starring the headshot masheen and Maikelelelelele had first been in talks with SK Gaming, but Kinguin had offered more money. Maikelele describes the org-choice as more risky, but that they felt like taking a gamble. ScreaM and Maikelele had both been in a bit of a dip when it came to team offers, as Maikelele had felt disconnected with his native scene and ScreaM had been written off by the french-speaking players.

In an everlasting desire to be on top - no innuendos intended - the duo teamed up and started looking for more players to fill the gaps. Again, no innuendos intended. Maikelele got back with his former LGB teammates rain and SKYTTEN, while veteran Portugese AWP'er fox became the last piece of the puzzle.

We'll keep the rest short, but Kinguin not only coughed up more lovely green dollarinhos for the deal, they also upped the ante on the salary department. According to the article, the players on Kinguin suddenly earned almost four times as much as the average player, causing salaries to skyrocket all over the scene. Can we maybe get a bag of money as well, Kinguin?

There's plenty more in the meaty piece, including someone throwing a shoe at an owner and aizyesque's favourite player becoming a superstar. So get on reading!

June 4, 2020

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