Kjaerbye's redemption arch

Gijs Verhoeff
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Source: @FaZeClan

You know that movie trope in literally every Disney sports movie ever? Basically the underdog player  does one training montage with some inspirational music and then he makes it to nationals/regionals/finals/playoffs/whatever the writers think of at that moment.

Well, this Grand Final was just like that, except both teams were underdogs. Neither of them are even in the Top 10 of the HLTV Rankings (until later today of course).  OG managed to make it interesting in the first map, going to overtime, but eventually losing 20-22 against NiKo Clan, and then finally being their usual self by disappointing everyone in two straight maps.

16-5 and 16-11 aren't really scorelines that'll make you bite your nails, and it's made worse by the fact that none of the OG players even managed a 1.00+ rating over the entire Bo5. Which - as Kjaerbye quickly pointed out at the end of the match - makes this tweet by NBK about as lasting as a glass of milk left outside on a hot summer's day. Natural Born Karma, Schmitt.

As we hinted at earlier on, NiKo was quite the opposite of OG however. With a 1.24 rating over the three maps played, and a 1.26 impact rating, we can confidentely say it was ez katka for our favourite Bosnian - sorry huNter.

And with that, Kjaerbye becomes the 2nd ex-North player to earn more money than his whole former team put together, in the last year.

October 11, 2020

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